IR cabin

We all need sun rays.

Find out about the health-promoting properties of the IR cabin, which will give you access to them at any time of day or year.


A modern infrared cabin (IR sauna) is the answer to the need of using a sauna on a relatively small area. IR sauna is also a home sauna, which occupies little space and is easy to assemble. Our company deals with the design and construction of custom-made saunas, the room does not need to be adapted in any special way.


Thanks to its versatility, the low-temperature sauna has the widest range of applications, from sports clubs, fitness centres, beauty and wellness centres, gyms, rehabilitation centres and sanatoriums to home bathing rooms or bathrooms.

Benefits of IR cabins

  • help to eliminate fat tissue through energy, which stimulates and improves metabolism
  • heal muscle pains and circulatory disorders, regenerate injuries and dislocations, facilitate lower joint stiffness,
  • eliminate the symptoms of stress or fatigue, nervous tension, bad mood, apathy, depression
  • accelerate the treatment of many diseases
  • the appearance of skin after acne, psoriasis, burns and scars

Infrared technology

Infrared rays are transformed into heat, which warms up the subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles and internal organs. The lower temperature effect enables prolongation of the sessions, which promotes better mood as well as very effective influence on body shape and health. It is a universal option for everyone who, for health reasons, cannot use a dry or wet sauna, also for children and the elderly.